Velddrif Besigheid Sakekamer 2024 Membership Business Chamber

Find our next event listed for Members and community events to take place in our area. Velddrif, Laaiplek, Port Owen, Admiral Island, Noordhoek and Dwarskersbos.

membership Benefits

Every member to the Velddrif Chamber of Commerce, irrespective of that member’s category, enjoys the following standard benefits

Business Directory

This Directory is a platform on which all businesses and organizations who are Members of the Velddrif Chamber of Commerce, can advertise their products and services.

Become a Member

Fill in a simple form and get all the great benefits of being a member. Joining us will be a smooth and simple journey


Our platform has one goal: Encouragement of communication and closer cooperation between all residents, local businesses and organizations, and better online brand visibility, thereby encouraging support of local business by visitors to the area.


Supports a market-driven economy in cooperation with various stakeholders


Together we create sustainable prosperity


A platform that is designed to enhance closer communication and cooperation between all residents and interested parties within the Velddrif locale


Let’s share the positive, and work together to promote our vision of the protection of our natural resources and a thriving future for all


Promote network opportunities between our members, the business community, and the public


Striving towards the promotion of the economic interests of the business community, thereby directly having a positive impact on the area’s economic climate

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