The Velddrif Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast on 4 May 2022 was a resounding success. A small crowd attended and loved every minute.

It was a great opportunity to learn so much about how to make our lives easier, and to market ourselves better, using our phones and computers. We learned about how our clients do research in so many different ways: and how important it is to make it easier for those clients to contact you.

We learned about WhatsApp Business (which is free!) and its many useful features. We found out how to backup WhatsApp chats so that you don’t lose them all when you get a new phone, and how to backup documents on your laptop so that you don’t lose everything if your laptop is stolen, using OneDrive. There is more than one app (WhatsApp Business, Asana), which enables your team to receive and share communications, so enabling your business to respond to clients’ enquiries quickly and easily, thereby reducing the chance of losing a sale.

Plus, there were many, many more tips and pieces of advice. And to help us to learn more in-depth skills, Johnny  is looking at organising half-day workshops on different aspects of the material touched on at the breakfast.

The good news is that Johnny is looking at possibly repeating this session: so do yourself a favour – set aside an hour to come and gain information that will make your life a lot easier.

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