Velddrif Loadshedding Issue – Community Cooperation Required

Vir enige navrae: Jan Erasmus


30 MEI 2023

Bergrivier Munisipaliteit se elektriese netwerke is tans onder geweldige druk wanneer toevoer na die dorpe aangeskakel word na Eskom beurtkrag.

Onder normale toestande is die elektriese aanvraag laer en meer stabiel. Tydens die Eskom beurtkrag koel warmwater silinders af en koelkaste se interne temperatuur verhoog. Sodra toevoer herstel word, skakel al die elektriese toestelle gelyk aan wat veroorsaak dat die aanvraag vir elektrisiteit die beskikbare netwerk kapasiteit oorskry. In sommige gevalle is die aanvraag dan dubbel die beskikbare kapasiteit.

Velddrif ondervind tans die grootste aanvraag na afloop van Eskom beurtkrag wat veroorsaak dat dele van die dorp vir langer tye af is. Soms word die Eskom netwerk kapasiteit oorskry wat veroorsaak dat die Eskom skakelaar “trip” en die hele dorp dan weer sonder toevoer is. Onderbrekings in toevoer word deur tegnici herstel en neem dus tyd om te voltooi.

Die Monte Bertha voerder in Porterville se kapasiteit word ook oorskry, wat veroorsaak dat dele van hierdie area vir langer tye sonder elektrisiteitstoevoer is.

Piketberg se hoof toevoer “trip” ook tans in die Eskom substasie as gevolg van die oorlading van die netwerk.

Hiermee doen Bergrivier Munisipaliteit ’n ernstige beroep op inwoners om die volgende praktiese stappe te volg om die aanvraag vir elektrisiteit te verminder direk na Eskom beurtkrag.

· Skakel asseblief warmwatersilinders af tydens Eskom beurtkrag en eers 30 minute nadat die toevoer herstel is, kan u dit weer aanskakel;

· Wag 15 tot 30 minute voordat apparate soos stowe, verwarmers of lugversorgers aangeskakel word; en

· Stel alle battery stelsels (bv. ononderbroke kragbronne en sonkragstelsels met batterye) se omsetters om die batterye eers na 30 minute te begin herlaai.

Samewerking in hierdie verband sal tot voordeel van alle inwoners wees en die impak van Eskom beurtkrag help verlig.

Die uwe,





For Enquiries: Jan Erasmus


30 MAY 2023

Bergrivier Municipality’s electrical networks are constantly placed under severe pressure right after loadshedding has ended.

Under normal conditions, the electricity demand is much lower and more stable. During loadshedding, hot water cylinders cool down and the internal temperature of refrigerators increase. As soon as the supply is restored, all electrical devices switch on at the same time, which results in the demand for electricity exceeding the available network capacity. In some cases, the demand is double the available capacity. The outcome is that the electricity trips and residents are left without electricity right after loadshedding.

The demand for electricity is highest in Velddrif right after loadshedding, which results in parts of the town being left without electricity for a longer period. In severe cases, Eskom’s network capacity is exceeded to the point where it trips, switches off, and the entire town is in darkness again. Interruptions or faults in electricity supply are repaired by technicians which may take several hours to complete.

At times, the electricity feeder for Monte Bertha in Porterville also exceeds its capacity, causing parts of the area to be without electricity for longer periods than it should.

The Piketberg main feeder also trips in the Eskom substation due to the overloading of the network.

Therefore, Bergrivier Municipality requests residents to apply simple and practical steps to reduce the electricity demand right after loadshedding. Please follow these steps:

• Switch off hot water cylinders (geysers) during Eskom loadshedding and only turn it on 30 minutes after the electricity supply has been restored;

• Wait 15 to 30 minutes before turning on appliances such as stoves, heaters, or air conditioners; and

• Set all battery systems (e.g., Uninterruptible power supplies and battery-operated solar systems) to start recharging the batteries only 30 minutes after loadshedding has ended.

Cooperation in this regard will benefit all residents and help alleviate the impact of Eskom loadshedding.




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