Urgent district request Bergrivier municipality


From our local Bergrivier Municipality


From our local municiplaity

Be a Part of Making a Change

Dear Members

We received this request from our local municipality and do invite every business to see if they can assist in any way possible.

Please make sure the emails are completed and forwarded to the correct person. Emails to be forwarded to:

Sandra Crafford – CraffordS@Bergmun.org.za 
Alletta van Sittert – sb@Bergmun.org.za

Kind Regards

Velddrf Chamber of Commerce

Wees deel van verandering

Beste lede

Ons het hierdie versoek van ons plaaslike munisipaliteit ontvang en nooi elke onderneming om te sien of hulle op enige moontlike manier kan help.

Sorg dat die e-pos voltooi is en aan die regte persoon deurgegee word. E-posse wat gestuur moet word na:

Sandra Crafford – CraffordS@Bergmun.org.za
Alletta van Sittert – sb@Bergmun.org.za

Vriendelike groete

Velddrf Sakekamer



Dear Colleagues

The Premier requires input on relaxation of certain economic activities during the lockdown and in readiness for a post lockdown re-vitalisation approach, to engage national government.

Please advise if you are able to have consultations with identified companies in the district as we have to demonstrate to the President that this is economy-driven.

If you are not able to engage these firms, please let us know and we will try to contact them Contact details and persons with whom to engage would be appreciated.

West Coast By way of example:
The Key employers in the district –  (i.e. the largest employer;, top 5 or 6) Sea Harvest
What the key inhibitors are for these employers during lockdown – (what do they think they need to have relaxed to continue operations and grow effectively)
What is the rationale for the relaxation of these inhibitors and how will it benefit these businesses
What role do they think Government should be playing?
How, if govt is able to address some of these issues, will the environment change for these companies
What will be the effect on employment

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