By Amerandi Valentyn

“The Bergrivier Municipal Area has a vast amount of sporting talent”.
These were the words of Alderman Ray van Rooy, as he addressed the guests during the Sports Persons of the Decades Awards ceremony in December 2021.
The event was held at the Alan Boesak Community Hall in Piketberg.
The Municipality’s Executive Mayor gave birth to an honorary event titled “Sports Persons of the Decades”, which seeks to find and give recognition to the most decorated sporting talents of the years from 1970 to 1999 and 2000 to 2019.
This competition provided an opportunity to the public to nominate their sporting community heroes by completing a nomination form, motivating the person they would like to see win the sporting award for a specific decade, based on their historic performances
The persons who nominated their favouritesporting hero were afforded a chance to includethe
achievements (certificates, trophies, medals,etc) in their submissions.

The Mayor’s Office appointed two young people, Monique Maarman and Lebrett Cordon, to oversee the nomination process. They received a lot of applications and all the nominees were incredible and deserving. Thereafter, the selection process was closely evaluated to choose the sports persons of the decades. The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS)judged and selected the winners, which was was not an easy task at all.
The winners were each rewarded with a R5000cheque.
The Municipality would like to congratulate the winners of the Sports Persons of the Decade sand the individuals who nominated them: Louis Nthane; Moswin Moore; Paul Dietrich; Marshall Engelbrecht; and Phallen van Neel.
Our sincerest appreciation to Monique Maarman and Lebrett Cordon for managing the program. Thank you to DCAS for judging the nominees and selecting the winners.
We thank all participants for making this event a memorable occasion and we look forward to hosting the program again.


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