Die Velddrif Sakekamer het op 26 September 2017 ‘n skrywe aan die Minister van Polisie, Minister Fikile Mbalula, gerig, om die gebrek aan mannekrag en gepaardgaande uitdagings by Laaiplek Polisiestasie aan te spreek.

Tot huidige datum het ons geen reaksie of antwoord vanaf die Departement ontvang nie.

Ons sal vir die inwoners van die gebied op hoogte hou.

Hiermee ‘n afskrif van die brief soos gerig aan Minister Fikile Mbalula:

Honourable Minister F Mbalula
Minister of Police South African Police Services
Private Bag X463

Dear Sir,


On behalf of the greater Velddrif community serviced by Laaiplek Police Station we would like to draw your attention to challenges negatively affecting service delivery of Laaiplek SAPS to all of its community.

To provide you with a clear picture some facts are summarized below;

  1. Laaiplek SAPS service the towns of Laaiplek incorporating Velddrif, Noordhoek, Port Owen, Admiral Island and Dwarskersbos 10km away from Laaiplek. Another town also serviced is Aurora which is 67km’s away one way via tarred road meaning that attention to a minor compliant in Aurora takes up at least one and a half hours without manpower available to attend to other issues locally.
  2. The rural area under Laaiplek SAPS covers an area of 1052 square kilometers including a total of 109 agricultural farms.
  3. The population currently in these areas are in excess of 16000 souls and growing constantly.
  4. Velddrif Chamber of Commerce are supportive of Laaiplek SAPS with the example of a member providing and installing security lights at the station which has positive impact on unwanted public access. Previously inmates in the cells had access to unlawful substances provided to them from members of the public via window access.
  5. Additional factors negatively affecting service delivery and reaction times of Laaiplek SAPS are the shortage of suitable members of staff as well as the availability of reliable vehicular modes of transport for the members.
    Staff shortages are experienced by both Vispol and the Detective division. Currently the staff compliment inclusive of administrative people numbers at 33 versus the required number of 41. Effectively this means that at night, weekends and public holidays only two SAPS members are on duty to serve the outspread community as explained above. Often only one member at the front desk and one member in one vehicle outside to attend to complaints. Without considering the risk to the greater community at large, this scenario clearly places the lives of both the front desk staff member as well as that of the complaints attending officer at risk
  6. Citizens, not upholding the law, are increasingly becoming aware of these scenarios and using it to their advantage. This clearly confirming by the alarming rise in reported crimes as known to your department and reported in the press locally. Unfortunately violence is becoming a norm with the use of firearms and other dangerous implements in housebreakings, robbery etc. Sadly it also known in the local community that Velddrif is becoming a smuggling hub and distribution centre for drugs and other illegal items distributed from Cape Town and surrounds.
  7. Should the current status quo remains the situation is definitely going to worsen with actual loss of life and the safety of the general public in future a huge concern.
  8. Therefore, we as a Chamber of Commerce, took on board the responsibility of communicating concerns from our local population at large regarding law enforcement shortcomings to yourselves.

We are fully aware of challenges in the form of budget cuts, staff shortages and their allocations to hotspots but we implore you to apply your mind to find a solution that can improve the local shortcomings to stabilize and hopefully reverse the substantial increase in criminal activities.

Representing the local community we look forward to your feedback in the foreseeable future so that we can report back to said community.

Thanking you in advance,

Chris van Niekerk
Chairman – Velddrif Chamber of Commerce

Cc: Sandra Crafford, Bergriver Municipality Assistant Mayor
Community Police Forum – Laaiplek
SAPS – Laaiplek