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An Organization representative of businesses and organizations within the Velddrif, Port Owen, Laaiplek, Noordhoek and Dwarskersbos areas
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Every year, members of the public may participate in our online nomination process, wherein they may nominate any individuals, businesses and organizations that have in their opinion delivered outstanding service.

This page serves as a quick guide to the entire process, and gives an overview of the various categories, the nomination process and the selection process. Winners are announced and recognized at our Annual General Meeting & Awards Evening.


One of Velddrif Chamber of Commerce’s primary goals is the promotion and provision of incentives to businesses to improve service delivery.

In order to improve on the efficacy of this goal, this online nomination process was created in order to provide Members of the Organization with the opportunity to identify and nominate local businesses which they believe have provided exceptional service delivery during that current year.

Once the nominations have been evaluated and the scores tallied, recognition will be given to the Nomination Beneficiaries at our AGM & Awards Evening which to be held at the next AGM.


In order to provide a fair participation and selection process, and due to the fact that there are many different sectors and scopes of organizations and businesses within our community, various categories have been identified in which nominations can be submitted.

These categories are:

a. Retail Sector: All retailers, shops, cafes, butcheries, liquor retailers, furniture dealers, petrol stations etc.

b. Service Sector: Doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, lawyers, dentists, bookkeepers, auditors, media, printers, personnel agencies, real estate agents etc.

c. Tourism Sector: Hotels, restaurants, guest houses, B&B’s, holiday resorts etc.

d. Manufacturing Sector: Engineering, building and construction, art and handwork, small manufacturing factories etc.

e. & f. Public Liaison Officer & Fuel Assistent: The client usually first encounters the public liaison officer / receptionist or fuel caddie when dealing with a business, and these people are paramount in creating a positive impression and promoting the reputation of a business.

g. Municipal Official / Municipal Department: An Official or Department that has been delivering exceptional service to the community.

h. Police: A SAPS Official or SAPS representative who has been delivering exceptional service to the community

i. Agricultural Sector: Farms, smallholdings, agricultural organizations and industries etc.

j. Corporate Sector: Big business with roots in the community, and usually has a wide impact on community’s sustainability and economy

k. Upcoming Businesses: Newly-established businesses that have already made a positive impact and impression.

l. Community Involvement: Organizations and individuals who have had a positive influence on local community level.

For each of the above-mentioned categories, up to three nominations can be submitted by the nominator.

The following top winners of each category will receive a floating trophy and certificate. Second, third and fourth (if applicable) place winners for these categories each receive a certificate: [Tourism], [Services], [Retail], [Corporate], [Upcoming], [Manufacturing], [Public Liaison Officer], [Municipal] & [Agricultural] . The remaining categories’ winners all receive certificates (up to 4 winners per category).


It is recommended that the following criteria are considered and applied by the nominator during the nomination process:

3.1. General Criteria

a. Client Services / Service Delivery

  • Reception manner
  • Product know-how and knowledge
  • Communication and level of friendliness
  • Manner in which complaints are handled

b. Cleanliness of premises

  • Safety and security of premises

c. Product:

  • Quality of product
  • Product variety

d. Contributions to community / Upliftment & education of community

  • Involvement with Chamber of Commerce activities

e. Prestige awards received during the year

f. Affiliations with respective associations

g. Image and morale of employees

h. The general image / reputation of the business / organization


Nominators are able to submit their nominations per category using an online platform.

Businesses / Organizations may request the public to vote for their businesses.

Voting for yourself does not constitute to be fair, legit or reasonable. 

Each Nominator may nominate between 0 and 3 businesses or organizations per category (in order of choice).

Any person from the public may participate in the nomination process.

Any person in the public sector may be nominated.



The selection process begins as soon as the closing date for submission of nominations is reached.

  • A count of all nominations will be taken, and any positive commentary left by Nominator may count as extra points should a tie in nominations occur
  • The business, organization or individual who has received the highest number of nominations will receive first place within that category
  • Second place, third place and fourth place will go to the next respective highest amount of nominations
  • In any instance when there is a tie in nominations, any positive commentary delivered in respect of a nomination will count as an extra point
  • In any instance when there is a tie in nominations and commentary, the Committee has the right to make a deciding vote
  • These results will be held secret and treated with confidentiality and will only be made available at the Annual General meeting. Winners will receive floating trophies and / or certificates
  • Results will be published on our blog, newsletters, and in local media.

We invite you to participate in this year’s nomination process, as every vote is important!


Nominations for a person or a business that has rendered excellent services, products, clean store, handled situations immaculately or has contributed to the community or town in such away putting the needs of others above his or her own. Do encourage you r clients to nominate for your business or individual that deserves to be recognised.

Nominasies vir ‘n persoon of ‘n besigheid wat uitstekende dienste, produkte, skoon winkel gelewer het, situasies onberispelik hanteer het of daartoe bygedra het dat die gemeenskap of dorp in so ‘n weg die behoeftes van ander bo sy of haar eie stel. Moedig julle kliënte om vir U besigheid of as persoon te nomineer wat dit verdien en laat ons hulle die nodige blootstelling gee. 


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