As part of the overarching Operation Phakisa initiative is the focus on developing & growing the country’s Ocean Economy.An aspect critical to realizing this potential is the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the existing small harbours along the coastline.

There are 13 proclaimed fishing harbours in the Western Cape, of which LAAIPLEK harbour is one. Small harbours are often the life force and focal point for the neighbouring communities they serve, and integrated into businesses and communities in and around the town in which they are located.
Over time, the existing small harbours along our coastline have been neglected both from an infrastructure and operations perspective as well as from a governance aspect.
For LAAIPLEK harbour  this means the following maintenance and repair activities:
* Concrete repair including sealing and grouting on the breakwaters and training walls:
* Removal of the timber quay through the installation of approximately 350 concrete circular piles;
*The existing shear-leg/derrick crane on the timber quay will be replaced with anew knuckle crane:
* Routine dredging of of the harbour basin – it has been determined up to 9 600 cbm of sediment needs to be dredged with beach nourishment to the eroded area to the north of the harbour:
* Removal of sunken vessels.
Tenders have been issued by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC), on behalf of the Department of Public Works (DPW) to undertake this work. The tenders closed on 22 May 2017 and the award will be made in the near future when the timing and duration of the work will become evident.
These activities fit with the PWD and the Berg River Municipality concept developmental plan for the fishing harbour peninsula produced some years ago. The stimulation brought by the above could result in the refurbishment of the old buildings in the entire area or, the erection of new buildings. One possibility is a Boutique Hotel and other establishments such as restaurants, retail shops and other tourist-related businesses. More news in this regard will follow.
Issued by a Velddrif Sakekamer member – 14/06/2017