The following email has been distributed to us from the Department of Water Affairs via the AHI:

Good Day,

An Economic Impact Survey of the water crisis (LINK) has been commissioned by the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism. As part of managing and responding to the current water crisis in the Western Cape in a way that minimizes the impacts to its economy, a better understanding of the business response to the crisis, as well as current and potential future impacts of the crisis is needed.

Businesses and business associations are, therefore, encouraged to complete the survey. Although not all fields in the survey are compulsory, the more information provided will enable the provision of the most appropriate forms of support.

Please distribute the survey to as many businesses and business associations that operate in the Western Cape as possible.

Survey Details:
The survey should take 20 minutes to complete. 
Please submit responses by 20 April 2018.

The Survey can be completed in any order and allows respondents to page backwards and forwards.

Details can be captured in one session with an opportunity to Edit Responses after submission and via the Google

Form Economic Impact Survey e-mail receipt in the respondents inbox.

For any queries, please e-mail