Community of Chambers Stand Together


The Velddrif Chamber of Commerce recognised that many of the challenges faced by our businesses are also faced by businesses in other towns. We realised that a single Chamber of Business wanting to lobby for something specific (for example, protesting against the proposed Eskom Tariff hikes) would not carry much weight with the authorities. However, if several Chambers could stand together and speak with one voice, that would carry considerable weight.

Our Chamber has thus approached other Chambers with a view to forming a Community of Chambers. We have spoken to the West Coast Business Chamber (Weskus Sakekamer), Moorreesburg Sakekamer, Malmesbury Sakekamer, and the Drakenstein Sakekamer about closer alliances.

Once we have formed a strong bond with our colleagues in surrounding towns, we will have a powerful voice with which to approach the authorities about various matters which are a problem for the business communities.

So, please continue to support our Chamber of Commerce and Community of Chambers. Strengthen us, and we will strengthen your business! And watch this space!

Source: Joan Du Plessis (Assistance in Document Analysis & Design)




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