COMMENT SUBMISSION: GROWTH FOR JOBS DRAFT STRATEGY – FEBRUARY 2023 – Western Cape – Final draft for Stakeholder Consultation

Dear Mayor Van Rooy and Municipal Manager Adv Linde.

Re: Request to Bergrivier Municipality for comments on the Growth for Jobs Draft Strategy

We have pleasure in attaching a copy of the draft Growth for Jobs Strategy for your review and comment.

The development of the Growth for Jobs Strategy has been a transversal provincial government endeavour. Co-ordinated by DEDAT’s Growth for Jobs team, all the departments in the Economic Cluster of the Western Cape Government have been involved in the formulation and drafting of the document.

The strategy thrives to make a reality the bold vision set out in the Growth for Jobs Strategic Framework. The vision for the provincial economy is one that achieves break-out economic growth to achieve sufficient employment and opportunity. Such an economy will be inclusive, sustainable, resilient, diverse, and thriving – generating confidence, hope and prosperity for all. Concretely, the goal is that provincial GDP will be R1 trillion in 2035 (measured in 2015 real rands), and that the economy will be growing at between 4 and 6% per year in real terms. This will be achieved through enabling a competitive business environment in which businesses exploiting opportunities drive growth.

The Bergrivier Municipality is not only a key stakeholder in our economic ecosystem, but in our view, a key partner and a co-implementor of the Growth for Jobs Strategy. Therefore, before the Strategy is finalised, we would like to have an opportunity to engage with your region and obtain your inputs. Additionally, we would like to draw your attention not only to the opportunities for partnerships for delivery of key projects, but also to tap, as deemed relevant by you, into your networks to share the strategy widely in your region.

We would therefore be obliged if we could kindly count on you for the following assistance:

  1. To facilitate the circulation of the attached Growth for Jobs Strategy (Annexure hereto) within your Municipality, with a request to provide comment, via our online form at by 28 February 2023.
  2. To identify specific interventions within the Growth for Jobs Strategy wherein you would like to explore a partnership between the WCG and your organisation.

The Growth for Jobs Strategy is an important guiding document that is most valuable in focussing and supporting your IDP and LED plans. It also sets the basis for collaboration towards shared objectives of inclusive economic growth in our communities. We do hope you can get value from the process, see possibilities for alignment and can work hand in hand with us to achieve the vision and goals outlined in the Strategy.

Should you have any questions, require clarity, or wish to set up a dedicated engagement, please feel free to contact myself, or Lisa Parkes at

Yours sincerely
Jo-Ann Johnston
Deputy Director General
Growth for Jobs Team | Tel: 021 483 4165


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